Sale Order - Michelle Yepez

Sale Order - Michelle Yepez

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#Duo 326
Brushed Fluorescent Tie Dye Large 4" Size convert to M4
Brushed Bright Rose on Light Pink Large 3" Size convert to M4
#Duo 236
Brushed Yellow Dots Medium Size
Brushed Neon Galaxy Medium Size
Nebula M4 $5
Black M4 $5
Celestial Lightning M4 $8
Blue Dog Bones  M4 $8
Pastel TD  M4 $8
Pastel Vertical Stripes  M4 $8
Bright Confetti Floral White  M4 $8
Mustard Pastel Wide Stripes  M4 $8
BW Paw Prints  M4 $8
Pink Paw Prints  M4 $8

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