What makes Knot-ems different from other head bands on the market?

We make every single Knot-em for our business which means we have the ability to customize each one to fit your head size perfectly! Most head bands will pop off your head or start sliding because they are too small. We ensure that our Knot-ems will be in place all day with little to no adjusting. Most women can fit our Large 3" and Large 4" sizes, but we have added the plus sizes and can even do custom in between sizes to make sure you can find the perfect size for you!

Plus our Knot-ems are all made without elastic and instead use knit fabric to make them more comfortable to last all day!

Are Knot-ems washable?

Yes! We recommend that you wash them in a delicates bag to ensure that they don't get tangled on your washer's agitator or with other clothing in the washer. Then just lay flat, hang to dry, or tumble dry on low.


Do you have sales?

Yes! Make sure to join our Facebook Sales Group to stay up to date with sales and coupons!


What fabrics to you use the Knot-ems?

We have a few different blends of fabrics that we use for our Knot-ems.

First we have our Brushed Knot-ems. These will be ultra soft head wraps made from Brushed Polyester. They are perfect for every day wear and for those who may be more susceptible to pressure headaches because they have a more soft and gentle grip. Our Brushed Knot-ems will also wick away sweat.

Second we have our Cotton Knot-ems. These will be a Cotton Lycra blend fabric that will hold tighter to your head. Though they are soft and comfortable they won't be as buttery soft as our Brushed Knot-ems. These Cotton Knot-ems will absorb sweat and you can also dunk them under cold water and then wear them to keep you cooler too!

Third we have our Hybrid Knot-ems. These head wraps will be a combination of a 100% cotton woven (non stretch) fabric paired with either a Cotton Lycra (stretchy) or Brushed (stretchy) knit fabric. This enables us to offer even more prints to you, but still have perfect fit and comfort.


When can I expect my Knot-ems?

Typically our Ready to Ship Knot-ems will ship within 1-3 days and our Custom Order Knot-ems will ship in 4 days. (Though sometimes on our custom order Knot-ems we will need to order in fabric and it can be up to two weeks. Please send us a message before ordering to verify turn around time if you need them by a certain date!)

Transit times is typically 2-5 days for USPS First Class and 1-3 days for USPS Priority.