Why do headbands slip off my head?


Did you know the number one reason that headbands slip off, give you headaches, or never stay in place is because they are the wrong size?

We have heard it hundreds of times that there is no way our Knot-em headbands will stay in place! You have tried so many headbands from so many stores and yet nothing ever works! You are not alone!

Most women have head measurements of 20-24" while most store bought headbands are made for head sizes 17-20". This is why most headbands want to pop off, slip or give you headaches. They are way too small!

We understand your need for a headband that is comfortable, stylish and helps give you that confidence each and everyday! That is why not only do we have our standard 6 sizes from newborn to plus size adults, but we can create custom sizes just for you!

These are not your average headbands! These are all created and sewn just for you! That is why we can guarantee that they will be the perfect fit each and every time! And if for some reason you need them adjusted we can do that too for free!

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